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  • Illustrations and paintings of pin-ups art, glamour art, calendar girl art, magazine cover art by the artist Enoch Bolles.
  • Virtual pin-ups art gallery, Enoch Bolles, illustrations, paintings, pin-ups art, glamour art, calendar girl art, magazine cover art.
  • All artwork displayed on this web page is copyrighted property of Enoch Bolles and his legal representatives.
  • The biography of Enoch Bolles is available below.
  • Samples of his artwork are displayed below. Click on thumbnail to get a larger image.

Biography of Enoch Bolles (1883-1976)

Enoch Bolles was an American painter of pin-up art.

Enoch Bolles was among the earliest and most widely circulated glamour illustrators. While known today solely as a pinup artist, Bolles was a versatile illustrator who also worked extensively in the advertising industry, creating hundreds of attractive color illustrations for products ranging from bread to cigarettes. His most widely reproduced advertising illustration is the "Windy Girl" for Zippo lighters. This work, produced in 1937, has recently been reissued as the Vargas Windy Girl and has appeared in well over 100 variations on Zippo lighters.

Bolles' magazine work first appeared in 1914 on the covers of popular humor periodicals such as JUDGE and PUCK, but he is best known for FILM FUN. In 1923 Bolles became the exclusive cover artist for FILM FUN and continued in this role until the magazine folded in 1943, a victim of the Postermaster General's campaign against 'salacious' material. In addition to his 200 covers for FILM FUN, Bolles painted at least 300 more for spicy pulps, including BREEZY STORIES, PEP and NEW YORK NIGHTS. None of this work was signed and most of it remains unattributed. Psychological problems ended Bolles professional career in 1943, but he painted commissioned portraits and for personal pleasure throughout the rest of his life. Bolles' monthly lineup of all-American beauties precisely posed in wildly imaginative costumes did much to define the future of American pin-up illustration, and remain popular today.

IMPORTANT - This biography of Enoch Bolles was borrowed from the excellent website Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Virtual Pin-ups Art Gallery - Samples of artworks from Enoch Bolles
ebolles065 ebolles066 ebolles067 ebolles068 ebolles069 ebolles070
ebolles065.jpg ebolles066.jpg ebolles067.jpg ebolles068.jpg ebolles069.jpg ebolles070.jpg
ebolles071 ebolles072 ebolles073 ebolles074 ebolles075 ebolles076
ebolles071.jpg ebolles072.jpg ebolles073.jpg ebolles074.jpg ebolles075.jpg ebolles076.jpg
ebolles077 ebolles078 ebolles079 ebolles080 ebolles081 ebolles082
ebolles077.jpg ebolles078.jpg ebolles079.jpg ebolles080.jpg ebolles081.jpg ebolles082.jpg
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ebolles083.jpg ebolles084.jpg ebolles085.jpg

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