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artist Joseph Michael Linsner/3

  • Illustrations of fantasy art, comics art by the artist Joseph Michael Linsner, Dawn character.
  • Virtual fantasy art gallery, Joseph Michael Linsner, illustrations, fantasy art, comics art, Dawn character.
  • All artwork displayed on this web page is copyrighted property of Joseph Michael Linsner.
  • Visit his official site at
  • His e-mail address is Joseph Linsner.
  • The biography of Joseph Michael Linsner is available below.
  • Samples of his artwork are displayed below. Click on thumbnail to get a larger image.

Biography of Joseph Michael Linsner (born on December 13th, 1968)

Joseph Michael Linsner (known to his fans as JML) was born on December 13th, 1968 and is now one of the comic industry's premier illustrators. His stunning and lush renderings have made him a fan favorite and also a much sought after cover artist. JML is most well-known for Dawn, his personal representation of the Mother Goddess, prominent in dozens of ancient (and modern) religions. JML's mix of heartfelt writing and beautiful art, sprinkled with his personal mix of theology and iconography, have struck a chord with thousands of fans.

At a young age he discovered comics, Batman and Conan being a few of his favorites. JML has said that comics helped save his life, since they helped teach him to read so he wouldn't be held back a grade. When he moved to Long Island, he began to draw regularly. Joe made it into the top 100 applicants for the New York School of Visual Arts, but "boned" (his words) his interview. He then decided not to put himself through the daily hell of class anymore. Dawn was born of JML's mind way back in 1987, and made her first appearance on the cover of Cry for Dawn 1 in 1989. But it wasn't until a little later, when he was illustrating Cry for Dawn 3 that JML realized that Dawn was the representation of life that he had been looking for to act as a lover and opposite to Death. Influenced by the diverse artistic masters Frazetta, Giger, and Vargas, JML's art evolved into a distinctive and stunning style.

Cry for Dawn published 9 issues of the CFD comic, Subtle Violents, and numerous other one shots and several miniseries by other creators such as Jim Balent and Kevin Taylor. In October of 1993, Cry for Dawn broke up and so began a nasty legal squabble over the CFD properties. In June 1994, Dawn rose again in Drama, published by the brand new Sirius Entertainment. When Dawn 1 hit the stands, it outsold both Batman and Superman. The collected Dawn miniseries, Lucifer's Halo, continues to be a popular collection and its sequel, Return of the Goddess, was also a popular success and became the first entry into Image's Linsner Library.

More recently, JML wrote and illustrated a Killraven one-shot for Marvel Knights, and returned to self-publishing through the newly founded, which has since published several prints and books, all of which have been successes. will continue to publish smaller projects such as prints, one-shots, and portfolios. JML recently found a home for his new work and library (called, appropriately enough, the Linsner Library) in Image comics, where the third Dawn miniseries, Three Tiers, will be published in 2003 along with several other projects including a long awaited hardcover art book.

IMPORTANT - This biography of Joseph Michael Linsner was borrowed from his excellent official website

Samples of artworks from Joseph Michael Linsner/3
Legacy_Art_JML_030_Crypt_of_Dawn_I Legacy_Art_JML_031_Crypt_of_Dawn_III Legacy_Art_JML_032_Crypt_of_Dawn_VI Legacy_Art_JML_033_Crypt_of_Dawn_(Best_of) Legacy_Art_JML_035_Twilight Legacy_Art_JML_036_Oceana
Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0...
Legacy_Art_JML_037_Bastille_Day Legacy_Art_JML_038_Mourning_Star Legacy_Art_JML_039_Demonslayer Legacy_Art_JML_040_Teal_Dawn Legacy_Art_JML_041_Anvil Legacy_Art_JML_042_Your_Face
Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0... Legacy_Art_JML_0...

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