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  • Illustrations and paintings of science fiction art, surrealist art, fantasy art, fantastic landscapes art by the artist Jacek Yerka.
  • Virtual fantasy art gallery, Jacek Yerka, illustrations, paintings, science fiction art, surrealist art, fantasy art, fantastic landscapes art.
  • All artwork displayed on this web page is copyrighted property of Jacek Yerka and his legal representatives, and Publishers.
  • Visit his official site at Yerkaland.
  • His e-mail address is Jacek Yerka.
  • The biography of Jacek Yerka is available below.
  • Samples of his artwork are displayed below. Click on thumbnail to get a larger image.

Biography of Jacek Yerka

Born in Northern Poland in 1952, Surrealist Jacek Yerka resides in the Polish countryside with his wife and children. Possessing a tremendous ability to convey reality through his meticulous brushstrokes. Yerka adds a remarkable twist of fantasy to each and every painting. He gains his vision from dreams and the timeless surroundings of his pastoral-like existence.

Yerka studided graphics in school, but rejected his instructors' repeated attempts to steer his work into more contemporary and abstract directions. After three years of vain pressure, they finally relented, never fully understanding their student, but realizing the strength of his talent.

He works with oil on canvas in the style of the great Flemish masters such as Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Brueghel and Jan van Eyck. It generally takes Yerka about seven to eight weeks to complete a single painting.

Author Harlon Ellison was so fascinated by this amazing artist's work that he has written thirty exlusive new short tales for Mind Fields, the first published book of Yerka's art. Each story is based specifically upon one of the thirty paintings that appear in Mind Fields, facing directly opposite the work they were based upon. In 1995, he won the World Fantasy Award for best artist!

IMPORTANT - This biography of Jacek Yerka was borrowed from the website Mike's Photo Album.

Virtual Fantasy Art Gallery - Samples of artworks from Jacek Yerka
vc_JacekYerka_InTheOligocenskieGardens vc_JacekYerka_Metropolis_II vc_JacekYerka_Paradise vc_JacekYerka_PleaseDontSlamTheDoor vc_JacekYerka_ShedOfRebellion vc_JacekYerka_Susan
vc_JacekYerka_In... vc_JacekYerka_Me... vc_JacekYerka_Pa... vc_JacekYerka_Pl... vc_JacekYerka_Sh... vc_JacekYerka_Su...
vc_JacekYerka_TheAgitators vc_JacekYerka_TheCosmicBarnyard vc_JacekYerka_TheCreationOfWater vc_JacekYerka_TheInquisition vc_JacekYerka_TheoryOfTension vc_JacekYerka_TheSilence
vc_JacekYerka_Th... vc_JacekYerka_Th... vc_JacekYerka_Th... vc_JacekYerka_Th... vc_JacekYerka_Th... vc_JacekYerka_Th...
vc_JacekYerka_ToEachHisOwn vc_JacekYerka_TrafficProhibited vc_JacekYerka_TruancyAtThePond vc_JacekYerka_TwilightInTheCupboard
vc_JacekYerka_To... vc_JacekYerka_Tr... vc_JacekYerka_Tr... vc_JacekYerka_Tw...

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